Innovative Product Support Services For Rail OEM

Learn How CREATIVE Provided Innovative Product Support Services to Rail OEM

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Total Cost Out, Benchmarking, Value Engineering, Global Sourcing, Obsolescence Management and Pre/Post Launch Support
Project Background

The objective of our long-term partnership was to provide innovative product support services to our customer so that they could focus exclusively on their core rail OEM business. In addition to this objective, our customer was very focused on improving performance using state-of-the-art technologies, achieving significant cost savings and substantially compressed timelines for the deliverables.

Our Scope
  • Total Cost Out Through Engineering Expertise, Value Engineering And Global Sourcing
  • Benchmarking Through Tear Down, Feature Analysis and Cost Estimates Against Market Leaders
  • Value Engineering Through Should Costing and a Road Map to Achieve Target Cost
  • Global Sourcing Including Supplier Evaluation, Product And Supplier Transition And Quality Management
  • Obsolescence Management By Taking Charge Of Legacy Product Portfolio, Assessing Component Availability And Forecasting Risks
  • Pre/Post Launch Support Including Engineering Intensive Interactive Online Catalogs and Installation, Service, Operator Training and Spare Parts Manuals
What we did

Our customer’s strategic intent was to focus on their core business and have us independently manage their product services portfolio. We established an offshore development center for our customer with six different program managers independently managing six different focus areas: total cost out, benchmarking, value engineering, global sourcing, obsolescence management and pre/post launch support. Each one of these groups featured a unique combination of capability, competency and capacity to address all our customer’s requirements. We went through a structured knowledge transition process from our customer to our ODC. Once the delivery processes were mature, we were able to deliver our customer 50% in cost savings and 45% reduction in calendar time for our deliveries.

Cost savings


Calendar time savings


Few words from our client

CREATIVE has provided us a full spectrum of product support services with high performance and competitive costs. By partnering with them we have been able to deploy our resources to focus on our core business to reimagine new products for a very competitive global marketplace. CREATIVE is dedicated to continuous improvement and their prompt and professional response to our team and the value they generate for us will be driving our tight knit relationship for the long term expanded relationship into the future.

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