Fleet Management Meta Data Migration From On Prem Multiple Databases To Azure Cloud

Learn How We Executed Fleet Management Meta Data Migration From On Prem Multiple Databases To Azure Cloud

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UI/UX Screens, Azure Data Factory Pipelines, Data Transformations, Tiger Bridge Jobs, Databricks Notebooks
Project Background

Our customer envisioned developing a data migration tool to lift and shift the meta data from on-prem PostgreSQL database to Azure cloud-based Maria DB. The project necessitated the implementation of data flows to pull data sets from a variety of databases and a user interface to capture job, job type and user types. Parallel execution for multiple tenants was mandated to speed up the ingestion in addition to implementation of a UI to publish the progress and speed of the data ingestion.

Our Scope

Our scope on this Meta Data migration project was to migrate data from multiple databases on the customer’s premises to Azure cloud in a reliable and time efficient manner. Some of the key highlights from the execution of this project are as follows:

  • UI/UX Screens
  • Azure Data Factory Pipelines
  • Data Transformations
  • Tiger Bridge Jobs
  • Databricks Notebooks
  • End To End Validations
What we did
  • Installed SHIR On On-Prem Data Server
  • Implemented ADF Data Flows To Pull Data Sets From Different Source System App Databases
  • Create UI/UX To Capture Job, Job Type And User Types
  • Used Parameterization In ADF For Dynamic Data Load
  • Executed Audit Frameworks And Restart Ability From A Point Of Failure
  • Implemented UI To Publish The Progress Of The Data Ingestion
  • Deployed Parallel Execution For Multiple Tenants To Speed Up The Ingestion
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