Drone Management For Last Mile Delivery

Learn How We Enabled Scalable Drone Management For Last Mile Delivery

Drones And Telematics OEM
Transportation Logistics
Application Development, Data Analytics
Project Background

The client’s delivery mission application was being employed to monitor, control and assign tasks to drones and trucks through an Azure hosted cloud portal. However, the application was difficult to scale since all the listed drones and trucks were connected to a single web socket. This constraint significantly affected the application’s performance during peak loads and additional stressors.

Our Scope
  • Development Of A Web Socket Subscription Service In Node.JS
  • Connection Of Different Web Socket Servers Based On Group ID
  • Enablement Of Horizontal Scaling
  • Development Of Load Sharing And Fault Tolerance Abilities
What we did

We deployed our team of seasoned developers and project managers with proven expertise in addressing scalability roadblocks. The team built a web socket subscription service based on Node.JS. We used a pub-sub based TCP communication method, along with Redis stream with HA proxy for implementation. The result was a robust and scalable web application that boasted substantially improved performance and enhanced load capacity to boost our client’s business.

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