Comprehensive Fleet Management Platform For School Buses

Learn How We Developed Fleet Management Platform To Integrate Routing Software, Vehicle Tracking And Parent Notifications For School Buses

Fleet Management Safety Platform OEM
Bus And Truck Transportation
Lighting, Electronics, Routing And Telematics, Mechanical, Video Solutions, Access Solutions, and Integrated Controls
Android, Kotlin, Android Studio, MDM, Git, Jenkins, VT7 / MDT, RFID
Project Background

Our client entrusted us with development of a comprehensive fleet management platform to ensure safe, efficient and optimized transportation of school students. The platform was mandated to seamlessly integrate routing software, vehicle tracking and parent notifications for rich, contextual route workflow insights. Due to the highly sensitive nature of privacy issues related to school going students’ data security was of utmost concern. We were also mandated to provide deep insights into incident management through automated, high-resolution incident recordings. Additionally, sensor movement based monitored stop arm with all data points captured was required to ensure safe and smooth operation of the school buses. Furthermore, several features were required including routes and runs, route planning and tracking, student tracking and odometer and speed related data metrics including average speed, top speed.

Our Scope
  • Provide Complete Information About Route And Passenger Headcount And Itinerary To Drivers, Provide Voice Guided Map Assistance To Drivers
  • Provide Turn-By-Turn Updates Based On Pre-Determined Route
  • Seamlessly Integrate Routing Software, Vehicle Tracking And Parent Notifications For Rich, Contextual Route Workflow Insights
  • Integrate With ESRI ArcGIS System For Accurate And Specific Mapping Information
  • Features Including Routes And Runs, Route Planning And Tracking, Student Tracking, Odometer Data Metrics Including Average Speed, Top Speed
  • Provide Insights Into Incident Management Through Automated High-Resolution Incident Recordings. Sensor Movement Based Monitored Stop Arm With All Data Points Captured
What we did
  • Improved Route Navigation System For School Bus Drivers With Advanced Technologies / GPS Navigation
  • Enhanced Existing Features, Developed And Supported New Features
  • Quality Assurance / Testing, Device Set Ups And End To End Testing
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