Autonomous Guided Mobile Robotic System Platform

Learn How CREATIVE Developed Autonomous Guided Mobile Robotic System Platform

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Autonomous Robotics
End To End Product Design, Hardware, Embedded Software, Mechanical, Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Machine Vision And Data Analytics
Project Background

The customer’s innovation team asked CREATIVE to develop an autonomous guided mobile robotic system platform that could serve as the foundation for various derivative robotic products for commercial and consumer markets. The robotic system was mandated to be cost-effective, feature-rich and successfully validated for lawn mowing applications.

Our Scope
  • Market Survey, Feature And Architecture Design, End To End Product Design
  • Battery-Powered Prototype Unit Build
  • Wireless Remote Control For Navigating Lawn Mower Movements
  • Ability To Download Pre-Defined Navigation Area Using GPS Coordinates
  • Autonomous Navigation Of Robot In AUTO Mode
  • ROS Based Grounds Up Development Of Embedded Software
  • Lidar, US, Temp, IR, Accelerometer, Gyro, And Magneto Integration With ROS
  • Steering And Speed Controls For Autonomous Operation Compliance
  • Data Connectivity On Wi-Fi For Cloud Connectivity
  • Sensor Fusion For DIN EN 50636-2-107 Compliance
  • Sensor Fusion For GPS-Denied Autonomous Operation
  • 120 Minutes Of Field Operation Time With All Features Powered
What we did

Feature and functionality were analyzed and finalized in consultation with the customer from BOM price, market competition, and serviceability points of view. Multiple top competitors were considered for this analysis. The system engineering work was done in collaboration with the customer, considering a long-term product strategy in mind. We designed the hardware for the robot's controller and its charging mechanism and developed the controller software based on ROS. We developed various navigation modes for the robot with the help of the sensor units. Many ROS modules such as navigation stack, hector SLAM, and geometry MSG were used. The mechanical components were 3D printed for the prototype. Our engineers completed lab and field testing of the prototype at our innovation center in India. We are currently working on cloud-based fleet management, routing, collision avoidance and dynamic path planning applications.

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