Virtual Commissioning For Automotive Body Assembly

Learn How CREATIVE Executed Virtual Commissioning for Automotive Body Assembly Line

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Virtual Commissioning, Digital Engineering, Plant Simulation, System Layout, Robotic Simulation, Ergonomics Simulation.
Project Background

Virtual Commissioning for Automotive Body Assembly Line Consisting of Robotic and Manual Stations

Our Scope
  • Robotic Simulation: Process Validation, Tool Validation, Cycle Time Prove out, Risk and Safety Assessment. Robot Extraction Plans. Design of Complete Work Cells With Comprehensive Models. Offline Programming to Validate Collision Free Robot Motion and Cycle Times
  • Ergonomics Simulation: Simulation of Human Factors Including Injury Risk, User Comfort and Fatigue. Compliance With Health and Safety Standards, Process Feasibility and Elimination of Human Performance Issues
  • Plant Simulation: Discrete Event Simulation, Optimization of Material Handling and Equipment Utilization. Comprehensive Throughput Analysis, Bottleneck Detection and Countermeasures. Integrated Energy Optimization
  • Virtual Commissioning:  Debugging Automation Control Logic and PLC Code in Virtual Environment to Ensure Automation Equipment Will Perform As Designed Thereby Eliminating Installation Time Delays And Cost.  Simulation Of Production Lines To Identify And Correct Errors Related To Design And Functions. Thoroughly Test And Evaluate Interplay Of Electrical, Mechanical And Control Automation
What we did

We deployed our automotive assembly automation domain experts to serve as program managers for this project. Our team displayed flawless knowledge and a rich experience of automotive virtual commissioning, mastery of OEM standards and processes and substantial manufacturing knowledge. We were able to identify critical issues through our robotic, ergonomics and plant simulations which saved our customer five weeks of time and substantial costs. The quality, timeliness and responsiveness of our team was greatly appreciated by our customer.

Engineering cost savings


Project cost savings


Few words from our client

CREATIVE truly worked as an extended part of our engineering team to meet critical delivery schedules and technical challenges. Their expertise in virtual commissioning saved us a lot of time and money by identifying issues early in the game. They have been very instrumental in our success in large digital engineering projects. They thrive on constructive feedback from our team and make themselves available 24x7 and also during holidays. We are delighted to have CREATIVE in our corner.

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