Smart Automated Welding and Inspection System

Learn How CREATIVE Smart Enabled and Automated a Welding and Inspection System

Global OEM
 Industrial Automation
Product Design, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Machine Vision And Data Analytics
Project Background

Development of smart automated welding and inspection system for very large pipes up to six feet in diameter. The legacy process was time-consuming and executed sequentially and manually using obsolete technology with very low yield and throughput. Our mandate was to develop a smart system that could execute these processes simultaneously using modern architecture and NextGen technologies.

Our Scope
  • Developed Multiple High Level Concepts and Evaluation Criteria
  • Developed System Architecture for Main Components of the Selected Concept: Welding System, Inspection System
  • Undertook Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Embedded Electronics and Software Development for Welding and Inspection Systems Designed and Integrated Drive Systems, Controllers, Instrumentation and Cabling, Wireless Communication Protocols, Networking and Hardware
  • Provided Cloud Connectivity To AWS For Data Management and Analytics
  • Undertook Prototype Development, Testing and Validation
What we did

We mobilized our elite smart enablement and automation team to develop a smart welding and inspection system that could execute both these processes simultaneously using modern architecture and NextGen technologies. The team was led by program managers with substantial domain knowledge in industrial equipment and had expertise in mechanical design, electrical design, embedded electronics and software development. Our team executed various facets of this very complex project by focusing on fundamental engineering and a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing product design, embedded systems, robotics, autonomous navigation, machine vision and data analytics. Needless to say, once the prototyping, testing and validation were completed we had an absolutely delighted customer.

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Few words from our client

We have been very impressed with the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking demonstrated by the CREATIVE team. The have a 360o view of product development ranging from fundamental engineering and manufacturability to the latest in NextGen technologies. They were very critical to our endeavors in meeting significant market challenges and assuming a leadership position in some segments through sheer innovation. They are a very valuable global partner who we can trust with complete responsibility for new projects.

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