Smart Airport Passenger Information System

Learn How CREATIVE Developed Smart Airport Passenger Information System

Global Aerospace Tier One
Product Design, Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, AI/ML And Data Analytics
Project Background

Development of Smart Airport Passenger Information System to significantly customize engagement and interactivity with passengers by serving AI/ML driven content and micro services. Development of capability to determine content consumption patterns based on gender, age and ethnicity to enhance monetization of new business opportunities.

Our Scope
  • Developed Multiple High Level Concepts and Evaluation Criteria for Smart Airport Passenger Information System
  • Developed System Architecture for Main Components of the Selected Concept
  • Demographics Measurement Methodologies Were Established Using Machine Vision and LiDAR to Determine Gender, Age and Ethnicity
  • Audience Measurement Methodologies Were Driven by Viewer Engagement Time and Data Analytics Related to Content Consumption Patterns
  • Developed Real Time Content Tailoring Capability Based on Audience Engagement
  • AI/ML Driven Algorithms Were Utilized to Deliver Customized Content and Microservices
What we did

We realized the complexity and the technical challenges of this ground breaking product and spent fair bit of time internally to identify the program managers and project team. We put together a very experienced multidisciplinary team with expertise in product design, embedded systems, machine vision, AI/ML and data analytics. We synthesized several innovative concepts and evaluated a variety of methodologies for determining demographics, audience measurement and real time content tailoring. We built the prototypes and tested our algorithms on live audiences to successfully validate our methodologies. Our customer satisfaction ratings on this project were the highest among what the customer awarded for internal or external projects in the last five years.

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Few words from our client

We assigned total responsibility for the development of an innovative smart airport passenger information system to CREATIVE. We have always been very impressed with their capabilities in conventional engineering focused on product development and embedded systems over the years. From concept to finish they brought their leading edge expertise in machine vision, AI/ML and data analytics to the table. We are delighted with CREATIVE’S performance on this future ready product which positions us to be a leader in this space. We look forward to partnering with them for a very long time.

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