Knowledge Based System For Aerospace Gears

Learn How CREATIVE Developed a Smart Knowledge Based Engineering System for Aerospace Precision Gears

US Aerospace Tier One
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Project Background

Development of smart knowledge based engineering system for aerospace precision gear systems to enable the archival and pervasive utilization of our customer’s deep engineering knowledge to facilitate concurrent engineering. The system incorporates manufacturing, warranty, purchasing and cost considerations upstream in the design process so that multidisciplinary teams can seamlessly coordinate product development activities and share expertise across the company and the supplier ecosystem.

Our Scope
  • Knowledge Engineering to Comprehensively Capture, Collate and Archive Our Customer’s Deep Knowledge-Base for Precision Gears, Gleason Bevels and Customized Gear Boxes for Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Commercial and Business Jets
  • Implement Captured Design Knowledge Base to Systematically Drive Semi-Autonomous Design From Concept To Tooling And Production
  • Develop Capability to Automate Design Iterations and Explore Variety Of What-If Scenarios and Propagation of “Lessons Learned” Across Product Lines
  • Develop Methodologies for Opportunistic Problem Solving With Reasoning
  • Develop Case Based Reasoning Capabilities to Reuse Legacy Designs
  • Support Autonomous Implementation of Concurrent Engineering and Seamless Communication Among Stakeholders
What we did

Our consultants drove the vision of the customer's top management by conducting several workshops with a variety of global stakeholders including manufacturing, warranty, purchasing, finance, sales, design, value engineering, testing, materials and field support. We had a very highly streamlined process for knowledge acquisition and a very talented and experienced team to develop the knowledge based system. During the validation of modules for different precision gears, gleason bevels and customized gear boxes we determined that engineering effort was reduced by 85% for routine components and 40% for complex systems, which will have a multimillion dollar impact on our customer’s engineering costs.

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Few words from our client

During the last two years on the smart knowledge based engineering system development for our business, CREATIVE has proven to us their unique ability to do consulting, engineering and application software with a very high level of competence and capability. This is not readily available through any of our vendors in the US or Europe. They conducted multiple workshops for our leadership team to bring us up to speed on the benefits and operational challenges associated with our vision. Through collaboration and perseverance, they educated us on the latest technologies and put together an implementation roadmap to realize our vision. Kudos to CREATIVE on a job very well done!

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