Intelligent Autonomous Robot for Charging Electric Vehicles

Learn How CREATIVE Developed Intelligent Autonomous Robot for Charging Electric Vehicles

Global Tier One
Product Design, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Machine Vision and Data Analytics.
Project Background

Development of intelligent robot to autonomously navigate and charge electric vehicles using machine vision, LiDAR and GPS technologies while avoiding collision with obstacles in its path. Development of architecture to be flexible to readily adapt to other applications for unstructured environments.

Our Scope
  • Developed Multiple High Level Concepts and Evaluation Criteria
  • Developed System Architecture for Main Components of the Selected Concept: Home Station, Robot, Battery Pack
  • Defined Architecture for Autonomously Navigating Robot to Plug and Unplug Battery for Charging At Home Station, Carry Batteries to Vehicle, Plug and Unplug Battery To Vehicle
  • Designed Robot Platform with Relevant Drives and Connectors
  • Designed Main Board to Facilitate Robot’s Autonomous Navigation Using LiDAR and GPS Communication with Home Station and Vehicle and Machine Vision Capabilities
  • Designed Battery Pack Featuring Cell Stack, Charge Controller and DC to DC Convertor
  • Designed Home Station Featuring All Communication Protocols
What we did

We thoroughly understood our customer’s mandate and assembled a a highly talented multidisciplinary team with expertise in product design, embedded systems, robotics, autonomous navigation and machine vision. We synthesized very innovative concepts and undertook detailed design for this very complex project. We tapped into our deep pool of experienced engineers during peak loads to complete this project in 50% of the time. Our customer rated our final deliverables at 9.5/10 for innovation and rated us as one of their top global partners.

Innovation rating

9.5 /10

Calendar time savings


Few words from our client

CREATIVE'S deep domain expertise in automotive electrification, autonomy, robotics, connectivity and shared mobility has helped us meet significant market challenges over the years. We gave them complete responsibility on the intelligent charging robot from concept to finish and they came out with flying colors. They have a remarkable ability to leverage their global team for cutting-edge innovation all the way to addressing issues of manufacturability and service.

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