Integrated Fleet Management Platform For Smart Safety Solutions

Learn How We Developed An Integrated Fleet Management Platform For Smart Safety Solutions

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Application Development, Module Integration, Data Management, Data Sharing, Cyber Security
Project Background

The client mandated the development of a comprehensive integrated fleet management platform for smart safety solutions. The client desired the platform to be able to manage and onboard heterogenous unstructured data from disparate sources in a frictionless and effective manner. The client required a solution that enabled users to search for relevant mission critical data, view and package it for third-party review and access live feeds to assess developing high-risk situations in real time. A significant central challenge was enabling data processing from diverse heterogenous sources with ready accessibility while ensuring the highest level of security for proprietary and sensitive data.

Our Scope
  • Own Complete Product Lifecycle Through Definition, Develop, Stabilize, Deliver And Support Cycle
  • Understand And Refine Project Perspective, Goals, Roadmap And Business Objectives
  • Define, Detail, Document Functional Scope And Architecture
  • Propose And Implement Project Plan, Schedule, Roll Out, Trial Run And Full-Scale Deployment
  • Identify, Suggest And Implement Tools And Technology For Development, Deployment And Maintenance
  • Define And Implement Performance, Security, Data And File System
  • Build, Test, Deploy And Support Application Through CCID On Azure
What we did

We mobilized our team of seasoned developers and product managers to develop an integrated fleet management platform. The platform was primarily targeted towards school bus operators with provisions to extend the platform for other fleet owners including tourist bus operators and law enforcement. We assembled an elite team to take ownership for the entire product lifecycle including project goals, roadmap and execution to achieve business objectives. Once the functional scope and architecture of the project were defined, the team brought together cutting-edge cloud technologies and their domain expertise to create a unified fleet management and security system. The end result was a unified application that offers a wide variety of features, robust security architecture and a delightful user experience.

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