Fleet Management Platform For Video And Digital Evidence

Learn How We Developed A Fleet Management Video And Digital Evidence Management Platform For Tracking Developing Situations In Real-Time

Leader In Fleet Management Safety Platforms For Law Enforcement And School Buses
Fleet Management, Bus And Truck
Azure Cloud, Tunneling, C++, .NET, Video Libraries, MS SQL Server, SSO (OAUTH2.0, SAML, ADFS)
Project Background

The client mandated the development of comprehensive integrated video and digital evidence management platform for smart safety solutions. The primary objective of the client was to record, archive and reliable share highly sensitive data with pre-authorized third-parties for review. The client also wanted to have functionality that would provide extremely secure access to live footage of developing situations in real-time. A significant challenge was to enable seamless flow of proprietary and sensitive data in a highly secure manner.

Our Scope
  • Integrated Platform To Interconnect All Hardware And Software Products
  • Substantially Reduce Liability And Minimize Fraudulent Injury Claims
  • Deter Driver Assaults And Harassment
  • Reduce Crime And Vandalism Through Video Monitoring
  • Reward Safe Driving Practices And Support Coaching
  • Reduce Preventable Accidents, Enhance Onboard Safety, Implement Safe Driving Practices
  • Prevent Collisions, And Reduce Risk Of Injury To Pedestrians
What we did
  • Improved Public Trust And Officer Safety With Advanced Video And Digital Evidence Technology
  • Managed All Digital Evidence Securely On An Integrated Platform
  • Enhanced Existing Features, Developed And Supported New Features
  • Quality Assurance / Testing, Device Set Ups And End To End Testing
  • Increased Access To Historical Data Points For Enhanced Incident Re-Creation
  • Full Digital Evidence Chain Of Custody Functionality For Enhanced Evidence Integrity
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