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Learn How We Enabled End-To-End Automation For A Suite Of Test Services

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E2E Testing Including Test Automation
Project Background

Our client, a prominent leader in integrated fleet safety platforms, provides smart solutions for a wide range of industries such as law enforcement, school buses, transit buses, fire and EMS vehicles, work trucks, trucks and trailers, waste and recycling vehicles, construction equipment, agriculture machinery, and military vehicles. The client had requirements for a comprehensive suite of E2E test services, which includes test automation, performance testing and engineering, security testing, as well as cross-platform and cross-browser testing. The daily validation of multiple builds across various environments, involving code changes and new feature implementations, demanded a dedicated team to invest significant effort in identifying regression issues. Tight timelines and the significant cost of validation restricted regression testing for APIs only to individual sprints. Additionally, each release required 15 person-days to complete a full cycle regression across multiple environments, causing delays in releases due to reported regression issues. Furthermore, the performance and security aspects of the applications had not been adequately addressed. The frequency of code changes resulted in a degradation of performance over time, severely limiting the application’s usability while exposing it to potential vulnerabilities.

Our Scope
  • Develop A Robust, Scalable And Cost-Effective Solution To Validate Daily Builds Across Diverse Environments
  • Accelerate The Execution Of Comprehensive Regression Cycles By Automating Regression Scenarios Using A Combination Of API And UI Transactions
  • Implement Multi-Threaded, Unattended Automation Executions
  • Ensure Easy Access To Test Automation Results, Including Gherkin-Formatted Test Cases, Actual / Expected Results And Step-By-Step Images
  • Identify And Address Application Performance Bottlenecks And Security Vulnerabilities
What we did

We developed a daily unattended automated API regression testing process integrated into the build pipeline to eliminate sprint wise manual API regression testing. Our automated system yielded results within 45 seconds for each environment. We enabled the delivery of test results within 3 hours eliminating the time, effort and cost associated with 15 person-days of release-level functional regression testing, incorporating daily rotation testing across all environments. Our approach significantly reduced the time required to initiate automation, monitor the progress of test execution, and analysis of the results by leveraging a test automation solution web-interface. By leveraging test automation and detecting regression issues early on, we were able to expedite planned releases by at least 2 weeks.

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