Driver Safety and Health Monitoring System

Learn How CREATIVE Developed Driver Safety and Health Monitoring System

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Product Design, Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, Data Analytics and Edge Computing
Project Background

Development of driver safety and health monitoring device to continuously monitor driver behavior and usage patterns to significantly reduce fatigue and stress. The device must have ability to analyze data in real time and take preemptive action to minimize accidents and safeguard the driver’s health.

Our Scope
  • Developed Multiple High Level Concepts and Evaluation Criteria
  • Architected and Developed Vision Based System that Integrates Driving Behavior Data From Multiple Sources
  • Noninvasive Continuous Bio Signal Measurements With Over 200 Parameters Extracted
  • Designed and Developed Cloud Based Dashboard for Live Monitoring With Photo, Video, Data Capture of Critical Events
  • Deployed Image Analytics and Edge Computing for Preemptively Taking Corrective Action and Generating Driver Alerts for Overspeeding, Collision, Driver Drowsiness and Fatigue Detection Through Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Developed Prototypes Which Were Successfully Field Tested Under a Variety of Terrains
What we did

We put together a highly talented multidisciplinary team to realize our customer’s vision for this very innovative product. The team comprised of domain experts and practitioners in product design, embedded systems, machine vision, data analytics and edge computing. We developed multiple high level concepts and evaluation criteria for the driver safety and health monitoring system. Once we had architected and engineered the system we developed prototypes which were successfully field tested under a variety of terrains. Our performance on this project was rated at the top by our customer including awarding us 9.5/10 for innovation.

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Few words from our client

CREATIVE has been a model partner in implementing new technologies in our product line and their exemplary support in embedded systems, application software and data analytics has been very pivotal for our business transformation. Their Core + Flex business model has helped us launch innovative products in a very short time. They are very responsive and deliver on all their commitments. Everyone on our High Value Engineering Center team with Creative has the passion and commitment of a start up.

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