Design of Airframe Vertical Tail Plane Assembly Tooling

Learn How CREATIVE Designed Airframe Vertical Tail Plane Assembly Tooling

Global Aerospace Tier One
Process Planning, Concept Layout, Ergonomics, Assembly Build Sequence and Manufacturing Drawings
Project Background

Complete manufacturing engineering for design of airframe vertical tail plane assembly tooling for a narrow body commercial aircraft. Engineering efforts were focused on concept design, stress analysis and manufacturing design for the tail cone assembly and the frame assemblies. Ergonomic studies were undertaken to prove assembly feasibility and process documentation for tool use was also provided to our customer

Our Scope
  • Input Study: Engineering Part/Assembly, Process Plan of Part and Assembly, Assembly Build Sequence, Ergo Standards, Tools and Utilities
  • Preliminary Design Review: Concept Layout, Location and Clamping Strategy, Material Selection, Accessibility Study, Loading, Unloading and Trade Off Study
  • Critical Design Review: Final Concept, 3D Finish, 2D Manufacturing Drawings and BOM
  • Final Design Review: Final 3D and 2D Data, Ergonomic Documents, Process Documents and Manufacturing Design Support
What we did

We assigned fairly experienced domain experts to serve as program managers for the vertical tail plane assembly tooling project. We made several valuable recommendations to our customer on layout assembly sequence, ergonomics and feasibility which were very well received. Our documentation and manufacturing support was highly appreciated by our customer due to the indepth experience of our technical team.

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Few words from our client

CREATIVE has been a reliable and trustworthy partner for us. They have very good domain knowledge in aerospace assembly and a very strong and seasoned team to work on our projects. Their performance on the Vertical Tail Plane Assembly project has been outstanding. We are very pleased to have CREATIVE as our partner and look forward to a long-term relationship with them.

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