AWS-Based IoT Solution For Material Handling

Learn How We Developed AWS-Based IoT Solution For Material Handling With Predictive Maintenance

Global Material Handling Leader
Systems Engineering, Design And Development Of Data Acquisition Hardware And Gateway, Integration With AWS-Based IoT Solution
Project Background

The client mandated CREATIVE to develop an IoT solution for material handling systems. The solution was required to feature data acquisition IoT nodes, a gateway system connecting the AWS-based IoT platform and be EMI / EMC and ROHS Compliant.

Our Scope
  • Complete Design Of Battery Operated IoT Node Communicating With The Gateway
  • Complete Design Of Gateway With GSM/GPRS Backhaul
  • Software For Collection Of Metrics At Nodes And Integration Of Data On The Gateway
  • Gateway Integration With AWS-Based IoT Platform Which Was Scalable
  • Nodes Were Made Waterproof, EMI / EMC, ROHS Compliant
What we did

IoT nodes acquired multi-sensor data and converted them to useful domain-dependent metrics. The time series data from various nodes was concentrated at the gateway and was backhauled by GSM / GPRS to the cloud through IOT protocol. The streaming data was handled in the cloud and analyzed online. Data could also be visualized and analyzed on mobile devices through API interfaces on the cloud. A predictor system forecasted the functional degradation of the material handling system and communicated the alerts to the operator. An innovative system design for the communication protocols considering the necessary throughput was conceived. Our team leveraged their rich experience in system design, distributed IoT infrastructure on AWS, effective handling of real / near real-time data, upstream compatibility and storage, streaming requirements of real-time data on AWS IoT infrastructure, AI/ML algorithms for time series data to deliver a deployable solution.

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