Autonomous Guided Vehicle for Data Centers

Learn How CREATIVE Developed Autonomous Guided Vehicle for Data Centers

Global Material Handling OEM
IT Infrastructure
Product Design, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Machine Vision And Data Analytics
Project Background

Development of autonomous guided vehicle for data centers with autonomous navigation, safe storage, retrieval, plug in and precise stacking of cassette magazines in data centers. Design must ensure collision avoidance, a safe environment and the most efficient and cost-effective process for all tasks.

Our Scope
  • Developed Multiple High Level Concepts and Evaluation Criteria
  • Developed System Architecture for Main Components of the Selected Concept: AGV, ASRS System, Shuttle Car and Storage Racks
  • Designed AGV to Autonomously Navigate Leveraging Machine Vision, LiDAR and GPS Technologies for Collision Avoidance with Obstacles in its Path
  • Designed AGV Subsystems Including Structure, Lifts, Rail, Rack, PLC Panel
  • Designed ASRS System For Handling Cassette Magazines And Automatically Retrieve, Plug In and Precisely Stack Equipment
What we did

We conducted several workshops with our customer’s technical and management teams to share our understanding of the state-of-the-art in NextGen technologies across industries. We collaborated on synthesizing a variety of concepts for autonomous AGVs for data centers. Once our customer gave the green light, we assembled a diverse team with talent in product design, embedded systems, robotics, autonomous navigation and machine vision. Upon the completion of this very innovative cutting-edge technology project our customer was able to win very sizeable business and appreciated the creativity and real-life expertise we were able to bring to this project.

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Few words from our client

CREATIVE’s program managers had several brainstorming sessions with our technical and management teams to bring us up to speed on the state-of-the-art across multiple industries in the areas of electrification, autonomy, robotics, connectivity and shared mobility. With their help we introduced several innovative concepts for autonomous AGVs to our customer and ended up winning the business. We are very impressed with what CREATIVE brings to the table and we are looking forward to a long term win-win partnership.

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