50% Cost Reduction Of Mass Transit Video Reader

Learn How CREATIVE Re-Designed Mass Transit Video Reader for 50% Cost Reduction

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Product Design, Embedded Systems, VA/VE, Data Analytics, Global Sourcing.
Project Background

Development and re-design of industrial grade mass transit video reader for 50% cost reduction by using an integrated approach combining robust product development methodologies, value engineering, value analysis, global sourcing and the latest Next-Gen technologies.

Our Scope
  • Study of Functional, Assembly, Safety and Anti-Theft Requirements
  • Cost Estimation of Legacy Video Reader by Vendors
  • Idea Generation, Review and Selection
  • DFM / DFA Study of Selected Ideas
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, Microcontroller Board and Software Design
  • Detailed Should Costing and Value Engineering for New Components and Assembly and Cost Estimation for Bought Out Items Including PCBs, Cables and Enclosures
  • Prototype Fabrication, Testing and Validation of New Video Reader
  • Manufacturing Assembly and Testing of Prototypes
What we did

This redesign of the mass transit video reader was led by our VA/VE program managers due to the very demanding requirements from our customer for a 50% cost reduction. Our delivery team was composed of specialists in the areas of product design, embedded systems, optics, software development, VA/VE, data analytics and global sourcing. The redesign effort was concurrently supported by should costing analysis in order to provide the program managers a real time view of target achievement. We successfully completed the prototyping, testing and validation of the video reader and provided our customer savings of $425, well over their 50% target.

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Few words from our client

We have been partnered with CREATIVE for a long time and they regularly continue to surprise us with new value additions and contributions. They are exceptionally good at putting together multidisciplinary teams to focus on our business challenges and once the high-level objectives on our projects are clear they take charge of the project and run with it. CREATIVE’s contribution on the video reader redesign and cost reduction project were truly outstanding and they made our product line very competitive in this very niche market. We are looking forward to having CREATIVE as our preferred partner for the long haul.

Vice President

Mass Transit Solutions

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